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Migrate configs from env


You can skip this page if your Logto version is greater than or equal to v1.0.0-beta.11.

Managing too many environment variables are not efficient and flexible, and it’s hard to keep a single source of truth when you have multiple containers running.

So we decided to move all possible technical configs to the database, including OIDC-related keys.

To make it smooth, make sure you have an original .env file, or run the command in an environment that has the following variables:


Then run the command below:

logto db seed oidc
# Or
logto db seed oidc --env /your/path/to/.env

If everything goes well, you will see the message like:

[info] Read config oidc.privateKeys from env
[info] Read config oidc.cookieKeys from env
[info] Generated config oidc.refreshTokenReuseInterval
[info] βœ” Seed OIDC config

From now on, you can safely remove OIDC_PRIVATE_KEYS and OIDC_COOKIE_KEYS from the environment variables. Remember to restart your Logto instance to get the changes reflected.