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๐ŸŽจ Customize sign-in experience

Sign-in experience is the core flow for end-users, including sign-in and sign-up. It provides a unified experience across apps, devices, and platforms.


In most cases, a single sign-in experience is good enough. But you may need some special customizations based on region or app, and we're working on this feature. Stay tuned.

Logto covers the tedious part, so you can have fun with customization to define the unique experience for your users.

In Admin Console, click the "Sign-in experience" tab on the left, and you'll see a two-column page.

The left column is the customization section with three tabs: Branding, Sign-in and sign-up, Content, and Password policy.

  1. Configure sign-in methods: Whether you prefer password-based or passwordless sign-in/sign-up options, you can easily configure them straight out of the box or customize them to align with your company's unique requirements.
  2. Match your brand: Quickly customize the sign-in page to match your product brand with options to set your brand color, logo, favicon, and dark mode usage.
  3. Custom CSS: Tailor the UI of all pages with Custom CSS. The orderly and concise design system of styles and components makes customization a breeze.
  4. Terms & Policy: Link your website's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy to the sign-in page. Users will be prompted to agree to these policies when they register.
  5. Language (i18n): Create a localized experience by selecting your language mode to enable auto-detect or choose a default language. Edit i18n translations for tailored content.
  6. Password policy: Enhance your password security by tailoring rules of password length, character types, breached password rejection, and phrase restriction. The right column is a live preview that will immediately update to synchronize the change when you update things on the left.

Experience homepage

Use preview to save your time
  • Click the tab "Mobile" or "Web" to see what the homepage looks like on different platforms.
  • Change the language or theme dropdown to see the appearance under different system preferences.