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Manage connectors


For each command, you can append --path /your/path/to/logto (alias -p) to specify the Logto instance path.

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If the working directory at the root of a Logto project, you can skip using the --path option as the CLI will automatically detect it.

List existing connectorsโ€‹

Use the command below to list existing connectors that have been added to your Logto instance:

logto connector list

A sample output:



Add connectorsโ€‹

Official connectorsโ€‹

All official connectors are listed in @logto/connectors, except those names that start with connector-mock- for testing purposes.

๐Ÿค Call for contributors!

Every connector is a Tier 1 Bounty Hunter issue by default. Feel free to comment on or create the related GitHub issue for acknowledging a connector if you are interested.

If you are using the official Logto release (Docker image, Docker Compose, download from GitHub release page, or init via CLI), there's no need to manually add official connectors.

logto connector add --official

Third-party connectorsโ€‹

Third-party connectors are those made for Logto but NOT in @logto/connectors.

The connector to add should be a valid NPM package, and the package name must start with connector- or @some-org/connector-. E.g.:

logto connector add service-a connector-service-b @org/service-c
# is equal to
logto connector add connector-service-a connector-service-b @org/connector-service-c

Connectors are executable code! Inspect and review the COMPILED CODE (the content download from NPM) very, very carefully to avoid potential security issues if you are trying to use a third-party connector.


Remember to restart your Logto instance to get the changes reflected.

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Logto also comes with a set of prebuilt connectors in the <logto-root>/pacakges/connectors of your Logto instance directory. They are linked to the core service by default, which you can manually link again for updates (e.g. add a new local connector).

logto connector link

This command will create symbolic links of every connector in <logto-root>/packages/connectors to <logto-root>/packages/core/connectors. If a connector with the same name already exists in packages/core/connectors, it will be removed first.

Remove connectorsโ€‹

logto connector remove connector-service-a @org/connector-service-b

Remember to restart your Logto instance to get the changes reflected.