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Install Logto


Run the command below to proceed an interactive installation in your terminal:

logto init

Options and silent installationโ€‹

Alternatively, you can add the options below to skip some questions:

# All these options are optional
--db-url The Postgres URL to Logto database
-p, --path Path to your Logto instance, must be a non-existing path
--ss Skip Logto database seeding
--oc Add official connectors after installation

Run logto init --help for full help info.

Here's an example for performing a silent installation (e.g., in CI):

logto init -p ./logto --db-url postgresql://your-postgres-dsn:5432/logto --oc

It will do the following things in order:

  1. Download and extract Logto into ./logto
  2. Try to init and seed database with URL postgresql://your-postgres-dsn:5432/logto
  3. Add Logto official connectors to ./logto/packages/core/connectors