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๐Ÿ”— Integrate Logto in your application

We provide a bunch of SDKs to let you integrate Logto with your clients with ease. If the list doesn't cover your desired platform / framework, please file a feature request or contribute a new SDK.

Integration guidesโ€‹

We provide a collection of guides for different platforms and frameworks in the Quick starts section.

Create an applicationโ€‹

Follow these steps to create the application:

  1. Go to "Application" tab in Logto Console.

  2. To add a new application, click the "Create application" button.

  3. Select the application framework to start building. You can also create an app without selecting framework by click the button in bottom right. Create Application modal

  4. Follow the guides prepared for different application types, and they'll be helpful. Create Application modal

  5. After finishing the guide, you'll see the details page for further configuration or modification. If you skip the guide modal by accident, you can also pick it from the docs below or click "Check guide" in this details page. Create Application modal