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Match your brand

To customize the sign-in page for the core brand element, go to "Sign-in Experience > Brand > Brand Area" in the Logto Console. This section is straightforward. Change something to see what happens.

SIE branding area

Brand color

  • Brand color will affect the primary color of components, including but not limited to CTA buttons, links, etc. Feel free to replace the Logto purple-blue with your brand color.
  • If dark mode is enabled, you'll see an additional brand color input named Brand color (Dark).

You may notice the auto-generated Brand color (Dark) is slightly different compared to the original Brand color. Because Logto just took care of the visual difference between light and dark and computes a brand color exclusively for dark mode. If you are unsatisfied with the color, you’re also free to customize it.

The logo will be displayed on the sign-in homepage, sign-up home, loading page, and other interfaces with our expansion.

  • In the Logto Cloud, upload the images to our service. In the Open-Source Console, paste the URL of the uploaded image in the input box.
  • There are some limitations for images: they must be under 500KB and in SVG, PNG, JPG, JPEG, or ICO format.
  • If you leave the logo field blank, the logo will not display in the interface.
  • You can also edit the App logo for dark mode if dark mode is enabled.


A favicon is a small icon representing a website and is displayed in the browser tab, bookmarks, and other areas of the browser interface.

  • As the App logo, Favicon should be uploaded to Logto Cloud, and the URL pasted in the Open-Source Console.
  • The image must be under 500KB and in SVG, PNG, JPG, JPEG, or ICO format. Uploading a square image is recommended to ensure a good presentation effect.
  • Currently, only one universal favicon can be uploaded for different browser themes.
  • Besides, the browser title for different flows (Sign in/Sign up/Forgot password, etc.) is now used instead of a custom title.

Dark mode​

The Enable dark mode switch controls if the UI has a "dark feeling" when Logto detects related system preference.

SIE branding dark mode