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Version: 1.x

Social identities

identities contains the user info retrieved from social sign-in (i.e., sign-in with a social connector). Each user's identities is stored in an individual JSON object.

The user info varies by social identity provider (i.e., social network platform), and it typically includes the following:

  • target of the identity provider, such as "facebook", "google", or "wechat"
  • User's unique identifier for this provider
  • User's name
  • User's verified email
  • User's avatar

The user's account may be linked to multiple social identity providers via social sign-in; the corresponding user info retrieved from these providers will be stored in the identities object.

Sample identities from a user who signed in with both WeChat and Facebook:

"facebook": {
"userId": "5110888888888888",
"details": {
"id": "5110888888888888",
"name": "John Joe",
"email": "[email protected]",
"avatar": ""
"wechat": {
"userId": "O8sU-6JWMMNZzuXo6-xaEjouyQZ8",
"details": {
"id": "O8sU-6JWMMNZzuXo6-xaEjouyQZ8",
"name": "John Joe",
"avatar": ""

The identities can NOT be updated using "Admin Console" or "Management API".

Every time the user signs in with a social connector, their identities will be automatically imported or updated from the identity provider.