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Backchannel logout

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Logto supports the backchannel logout mechanism as defined in the OpenID Connect Back-Channel Logout 1.0 specification. This mechanism allows the RP to receive logout notifications from the OP when a user logs out from the OP.

How it worksโ€‹

When a user logs out from the OP, the OP sends a logout notification to the RPs that have registered for backchannel logout. The RP must validate the logout notification and log out the user from the RP if the notification is valid.

Registering for backchannel logoutโ€‹

To register for backchannel logout, navigate to the application details page in the Logto Console and locate the "Backchannel logout" section. Enter the backchannel logout URL of your RP and click "Save".

You can also enable session requirements for backchannel logout. When enabled, Logto will include the sid claim in the logout token.

For programmatic registration, you can set the backchannelLogoutUri and backchannelLogoutSessionRequired properties in the application oidcClientMetadata object.

I'm not receiving logout notificationsโ€‹

If you're not receiving logout notifications, check the following:

  • Ensure that the backchannel logout URL is correct.
  • Check if the application to receive logout notifications is in the same session as the application that initiated the logout.