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· 4 min read

Did you know? We have refreshed the Logto logo! We simplified the gradients but made our brand color stronger, resulting in improved recognizability.

We are grateful for your participation in testing Logto OSS, and we're excited to announce our first general availability version. In this version, we have delivered numerous improvements to the sign-in experience, making it more delightful for your end-users. This new release also includes several new practical features.

· 6 min read

While Logto Cloud is still under construction, we would like to introduce some new features to our foundation, Logto OSS. This will be the last version before general availability.

Notable updates include:

  • Refactored infrastructure and enhanced security
  • Smart Input and Customize CSS added to Sign-in Experience
  • Open standard connectors (SAML, OIDC, and OAuth 2.0)
  • New language support

Let's take a look at what's inside!

· 3 min read

Please welcome our first release candidate! Logto is just a few steps away from general availability.

· 4 min read

🙋 Hey folks!

For the first day of 2023, we shipped a few things for everybody:

  • Web hooks, Advanced search API, New connectors
  • Admin console enhancement, Refactored Interaction APIs and Audit logs
  • New blog posts

We are currently busy working on the general availability version which includes User profile, RBAC (Role-based access control), and much more!