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· 7 min read

Although article is inspired from personal dev experience and I tried my best to keep things objective, it's still non-negligible that I'm one of the creators of Logto (an auth product).

I would like to point out this first for a better reading experience.

I’ve seen a lot of developers asking questions like “Should I build my own auth for my app?”. While the answer cannot be a simple "Yes" or "No", I’d like to write an article to breakdown the implementation and demonstrate the pros and cons to help you decide.

· 6 min read


In the previous article, we introduced the concept of authentication (AuthN) and authorization (AuthZ), along with some headachy terms: Identity, Organization, Tenant, etc.

Organization and Tenant are great for grouping Identities, but they lead to an absolute democracy: everyone can do anything in this system. While utopia is still a mystery, let’s take a look at the governance of access: Authorization (AuthZ).

· 13 min read


I began the build Logto because I noticed that Identity and Access Management (IAM) had become increasingly complex and expansive over time. The concept of IAM is even large enough to give rise to new concepts, such as WIAM (Workforce IAM) and CIAM (Customer IAM).

While WIAM and CIAM share the same foundation, they have distinct use cases: WIAM is typically used for internal users, while CIAM is used for external customers.