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Create and integrate the first application

To begin, navigate to the "Get Started" tab and locate the "Create" button on the right-hand side. Clicking this button will redirect you to the Application tab. From there, click the "Create Application" button to proceed.

Choose your application typeโ€‹

In the opening modal, choose which type of application you'd like to integrate:

  • Native App is an app that runs in a native environment. E.g., iOS app, Android app.
  • Single Page App is an app that runs in a web browser, which updates the page with the new data from the server without loading entire new pages. E.g., React DOM app, Vue app.
  • Traditional Web App is an app that renders and updates pages by the web server alone. E.g., JSP, PHP.

Create Application modal

We prepared different tutorials for available application types, and they'll be helpful if you choose the type properly.

Create Application guide

Enter application nameโ€‹

Enter the application name, e.g., "Bookstore," and click "Create Application."

Integrate Logtoโ€‹

Ta-da! You just created your first application in Logto. You'll see a congrats page which includes a detailed integration guide. Follow the guide to see what the experience will be in your application.


If you skip the guide in Admin Console by accident, you can also pick the guide from the list below or click "Check Help Guide" in the application details page.

Integration guidesโ€‹

Native App

Single Page App

Machine to Machine

What's nextโ€‹

Let's take a step further and bring more customization to Sign-in Experience.